Heating Contractors

Heater Installation and Repairs in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

For the installation of all new heating systems, we always work closely with customers and ensure that what they are getting meets their needs exactly. Our team of expert technicians at R. Harris Plumbing & Heating Inc. have 15 years of experience in heater, furnace, and boiler installation. We can provide advice every step of the way.

Having been in the business of installing and repairing heating systems for 15 years, we have the ability to install all types of boilers and furnaces including steam and oil boilers, and oil to gas conversions.

You can also call us for air conditioning and plumbing jobs - (508) 927-1432

We always tell customers that a heating system chosen wisely and installed properly with the help of our expert technicians can help lower energy bills, and make a home or office much more energy efficient.

If something goes wrong with the heating system, we have the best emergency repair operation in and around our home area of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, and we are prepared to travel to nearby towns and cities such as Whitinsville, Baconville, Sutton, Douglas, and Northbridge. Our response time is extremely quick, and our crews will be able to perform any repair.

As well as heating installation and repair, we also offer a first-class heating maintenance plan in which we carry out annual inspections of the system, tune it to optimal performance. Sometimes we have to go through many unnecessary cycles that cost energy and money, but we always assure the customer that we have the experience and skills required to return things to peak performance.

R. Harris Plumbing & Heating Inc. is ready and waiting to carry out all boiler, furnace and HVAC jobs you need to be done. You will find that the quality of our workmanship is far superior to any of our competitors and our response times are the fastest around. Don't hesitate, if you need any of our services call us today at (508) 927-1432